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How to take the Perfect Photo of Your Pet


The photographs I use to create your pets portrait are essential to the process of capturing your pets true characteristics and personality.  This means the completed portrait depends on the quality of the photo you send me. I have listed a few easy steps which have helped me capture the best photos of my pets. As the photo is key, please try to send only 1 high quality photo for me to reference and work with. If you only have an original, you can send via snail-mail and it will be returned to you at time of the commission completion. 

How to Take the Perfect Pet Photo
Use Natural Light

Choose a location with natural light which will help to enhance your pet's coat or fur colours. If you are indoors, turn on a soft light or have your pet sit next to a window.

How to Take the Perfect Pet Photo
Keep The Eyes Sharp

Your pet's eyes portray more expression and emotion than you think. Try to get a good clear shot where you can see the colour and extra details around the eyes.


Get Down to Their Level

Take a photo of your pet from their eye level. Squat or lay down in the grass with your pet in front of you to help get a great close-up and interesting angles.

Give Value to Their Character

Is your pet lazy? Show them yawning! Do they love playing fetch? Take a picture with a ball in their mouth. Does your pet like to wear handkerchiefs? Have them wear their favourite one for your photo session. Get Creative!

Go Macro

Focus on getting close-up shots of your pets face and fur which will allow for the details to be captured into your personalized painting.  This picture is about the personality of your pet, not the new lawn ornament.

Surprise Them


Use their favourite toys and/or treats to keep your pets attention facing the camera. Using squeaky toys can bring out funny faces in your pet so get creative and have fun!

Plan Your Session

Exercise your dog first so they are more likely to listen to your commands. Plan for a day where the sun isn’t too bright which will fade out your pets coat colours or when the skies aren’t too cloudy which will show too many shadows and hide the textures.


Try different poses with your pet along with angles. The more pictures you take the better chance you will find a few gems, so get shutter happy!  Some animals will surprise you and really enjoy all of the special attention. The more fun they have the better your photos will be to choose from.

Be Patient

It’s not often your furry friend is required to pose for you or will get it right on the first try.  Be patient and have fun with your pet. The result will be a more rewarding and charming picture!

Copyrighted Photos

If your favorite photos are photographed by someone else or even a professional photographer, make sure to ask them for permission to use the photo as reference for your portrait. Let them know that the painted portrait will be used for personal use.

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