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Murphy & Linkin, 2020.JPG

Linkin & Murphy

Lori A.

"We gave the painting to Jamie and Carissa tonight and they LOVED it.  They couldn't believe how gorgeous it is. They were so excited. Thanks again for this beautiful work of art. It is a lifetime treasure."

Majora, 2020.JPG


Peggy M.

"Oh my goodness.  That is beautiful. They are really going to love it!"



Rhea B.

"You have captured my sweet boy Sergio. A perfect way to keep him close to us always."

1 Daddy's Girl, 2018.JPG

Daddy's Girl

Sue W.

"You brought a tear to my eye! Beautiful job from one talented lady. Thank you for taking this on. I can tell you that my husband was delighted!"

Cisco, 2018.JPG


Andrea C.

"The quality of work and attention to detail and the eyes pulled me in. My mom cried when she saw it and my dad was thrilled. Cisco lives on in her work and I am grateful. Amazing work!"

Jager, 2018.JPG


Caroline H.

"Wow!! It's perfect! It looks so real, you honoured our old girl beautifully!"

Chloe 18.JPG


Melissa M.

"I don't know how you do it, but you manage to capture their personalities in your paintings. It's incredible."

Remi, 2018


Amy M.

"That's our sweet Remi! You captured her perfectly. Thank you so much for this beautiful painting!"

Marlowe 2018


Glenn M.

"Wonderful job capturing our sweet Marlow. My wife is going to love this! Thank you very much!

2019, Levi


Jolene M

"I absolutely Love this!

Country Girl, 2020.JPG

Country Girl

Lynn M

"Beautiful work of my granddaughter. I can't wait to give it to her one day. A special memory of her childhood."

Country Boy, 2020.JPG

Country Boy

Lynn M.

Thank you so much! I love this so much.

Thailand Adventure, 2020.JPG

Thailand Adventure

Lynn M.

"Oh my goodness.  That is beautiful. They are really going to love it!"

Chase, 2017.JPG


Chelsea G.

"Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous!!! You are amazing."

Asha, 2018.JPG


Lori D.

"The painting of Asha is beautiful. Very emotional yet meaningful. Thank you for your beautiful work and for capturing her life in her eyes."

2019 Belle.jpg


Jamie M.

"I'm honestly speechless. I’ve shown this to so many friends already and every person has had the same reaction, that this is totally going to blow my mom away and you have captured Belle so perfectly!!! I can’t wait to give it to her."

Dez, 2017.JPG


Andrew F.

"I think it's perfect, honestly. My sister is going to love it. You did such a good job."

Nala, 2018


Brenda P.

"This painting was a huge hit and some tears of joy were shed over the beautiful work you did."

Finn, 2019


Tony R.

"This painting is fantastic. Thank you so much."

Daisy, 2018.JPG


Amy A.

"She looks great! Breathtaking and heartwarming to see Daisy again like that. I know this portrait will be cherished."

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